29 June 2010

It's been a while......

Hi Everybody,
I know, I know, I know! I've been a BAD girl!!!!! I apologize whole heartedly!!! Not much has been going on, I did do a wonderful show in Fountain Valley, CA a few weeks ago. We helped them raise a few dollars for the Fountain Valley Foundation. I received a beautiful plaque and they asked us back for next year! Hopefully we will have even more people that will be willing to sit in the dragster and donate some money for a great cause!
This past weekend we were in Fontana, CA DRAG RACING! Unfortunately I didn't get to race much! We had some issues (again) with the carb! So, we changed it and I started thinking toooo much and I lost first round. For those of you who are 1/4 mile Junkies.... I had a .042 reaction to a .012 reaction, my E.T was 8.896 (on a 8.90 dial) to my competitors 8.92! BLAH!!!
But, it was wonderful being back in the car and being back on the track after not racing since Pomona! Oh how I wish I could get a sponsor.......A girl can dream!
So, on to what's going on with me now. I have 2 australian shephards: Brodie (2 yr old blue merle) and Bentley (6 month old red tri). I love my boys! They are my kids (since I don't have any 2 legged ones)! But we have started BnB Pet Services Pet Concierge. After 2 years of being layed off and a lot of soul searching, I finally realized what my passion is (other than racing) and it's animals! The 4 legged furry kind! But we do everything from scooping poop for cats and dogs to being a taxi. I'm starting to get my name out there, hopefully soon I will actually get some customers.
Back to the racing scene real quick, I don't know when I will be out there again but when I do, I will let you all know.
Be safe and I will see you at the races!!!!!

19 February 2010

Catching You Up With DRG!

Where shall we start?

How about we start with Sunshine Acres Children's Home in Mesa, AZ! What a cool place! It's a christian based children's home that accepts kids whose parents have run into some unfortunate happenings. They take the kids in, while the parents retain custody, give them housing, food, on-site and off-site schooling, and from what I can tell ALOT of unconditional love. We found out about the children's home from a military wife we met at Ft Sill, OK who actually grew up there. She raved about the place and thought it would be wonderful if Drag Race Girl could go there and share the car with the kids. So I contacted the home and we set the date for the show.

There were approximately 80 kids between the ages of 3 - 17. I have to tell ya, I was impressed by their manners, and their gratitude! Those kids were wonderful! There's a couple that really stood out....One, I believe he was around 17, very knowledgeable on motors, has plans on getting a degree in mechanics....I honestly think he'll go really far in the automotive industry! The other one that really stood out was about 8 or 9 years old. What a character! Glenn and I were given a little tour after our showing and we were taken to one of the " boys homes" on the property. This is where he lived. He was so proud of his room, he wouldn't let us see it until it was clean. He was so full of positive energy, he just brought a smile to your face everytime he came around.

I hope that I get to go back next year and show the car to the kids again. What a great day it was!

If you'd like to find out more about Sunshine Acres or even send them some support, check out their web site at: http://www.sunshineacres.org/


Pomona Winternationals 50th Anniversary! And we were there!!! We got in line to be parked on Saturday (the weekend prior) and were #14 in line. Tuesday we came back out to park in the pits. Boy did we get one of the best pits spots ever! The weather was absolutely wonderful (no rain)! Wish I could say the same about my carbeurator! Oh well, it happens! I met so many wonderful NHRA fans it made it all worth while. One older gentleman and his brother-n-law stopped by the pits and we chatted for a while. Come to find out, he had just recently lost his wife to a 3 year battle with breast cancer. I explained to him that I was a widow and that even though you have an emptiness in your heart, you learn to gain strength from it and go out and do things that honor their memories. We shared a few tears and a few hugs, then a few laughs and a few smiles. They left my pits, but he will never leave my memory!
I had another gentleman and his son stop by and ask questions on the car and about the Super Comp class. The more we started talking the more I found out about him. Come to find out, he had actually died 3 times last year from heart attacks. He said he shouldn't even be standing in front of me right now, but that he has been given a second, third and fourth chance and he's taking in every moment he can. I told him about what I do with the car and the volunteering...he said he was very interested in helping out. Hopefully he will!
He is another one who walked out of my pit but not out of my memory.
Last but not least: FUTURE EVENTS!!!
This is what I love to do best! Share my passion and meet people on a personal level!
I hope I get to see everyone at some of these events.
April 24, 2010
March of Dimes Nipomo, CA
May 1, 2010
California State Chili Cook Off in San Bernadino, CA
(I'll give you guys the location when I get it)
June 12, 2010
Fountain Valley Car Show in Fountain Valley, CA
(website: http://www.fvcarshow.com/ for all the information)
July ??, 2010
Surf Fest at the American Legion Post #291 on Balboa Island, CA
I hope to see you all soon! Take care and I'll see you at the shows and at the races!

09 February 2010

Start of a New Year and a New Season

Well, I hope it was a great holiday season for all. We had a great time with family and friends.
This weekend is the official kick-off of NHRA's racing season. As all you drag racer's and fans alike know, it starts and ends in Pomona. Well, this year just happens to be the 50th anniversary. It's going to be a momentus occasion I'm sure!
We have a few shows lining up already for this year too. I can't wait to get going!
I will post another blog after this weekend with what happened in Pomona and with dates for the shows that we will be doing in the near future.
Take care and I will see you at the races!
Don't forget....I'm on facebook too! www.facebook.com/drgracegrl

25 November 2009

Camp Pendleton Harvest Fest and a little extra!

We met Dar and her husband "Bear" at the storage yard around 9 a.m. We hooked up the truck to the trailer and hit the 5 south. We arrived at the Entry gate and were expecting to be thoroughly checked out...it is a 48' trailer - we could have had all kinds of bad stuff in there! But all they did was check Glenn's license and let us through! I guess they thought if we were bad guys..we WERE on a Marine Corps base! HOORAH!
We arrived at our show site, which was in front of the enlisted 1/5 barracks. We got the car unloaded along with all the goodies for the kids and troops. Then Glenn and I had to find a spot to park the truck and trailer - FUN!!! No, really it was! We had to park about 3 blocks away in an open parking lot. So......to get back to the party, we unloaded the ATV and prayed the whole way back that we wouldn't run into any MP's! Apparently we got really lucky because I'm here writing the blog! : )
I want to make a quick apology about there being no pictures this time...my computer is not feeling very well right now! But, I will be posting them on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/drgracegrl
Back to the show...we put the car in place and set up the EZ-UP. We put out the table and put the goody bags on top. Then everyone started to show up! They started the show with a prayer for the troops and their safe return, then we did the National Anthem! And at the end of it I started up the car up and got everyone in the spirit of the show!
We had such a great response from everyone at the show. We had kids that were a few months old up to teenagers either sitting in the car or standng beside it. We had a few moms come by and say they want to drive the car not just sit in it! I always get a kick out of that response.
I do need and want to send out a couple of special thank you's to the following people....
Juan, Cecilia,and Mrs. Lacroix - without you guys the show wouldn't have happened!
Juan - thanks for the coin, it's going in the car and going racing with me next year!
Kendall, Kim, Rita, Karen and the rest of the ladies from the American Legion Auxiliary Post 291 - What a wonderful job you guys did with the pictures and the bean bag toss and all the other things I'm sure you helped out with!
Kim and Kendall - Thanks for the use of the printer, even though I was causing it heartache!
Well, I'm going to close for now....To all my family and friends HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Take care and I'll see you at the races (next year)!

03 November 2009

Quick Update.....

Just a quick update on all that's going on!
This weekend we will be in Vegas for the Divisional race...SO, if you're out there....Come find me!
I'd love to meet ya!!!!
Next weekend, Nov 12-15 we will be in Pomona for the Finals!!! I'm racing that one....WOO HOO!!! Again, if you're out there....come find me!!!! The pits are open so you can come and hang out if you'd like!
November 21st we are heading to Camp Pendleton to show the car to the troops and families at their Harvest Festival....That's going to be sooooo great!
November 26th THANKSGIVING!!! Please remember to not only give thanks to your family and friends, but to the troops serving all over the world!
November 29th thru December 6th - VACATION!!!!
Then onto Christmas, New Year, Showing the car in Mesa, AZ at Sunshine Acres Children's Home, My 40th b-day (where does the time go?), My best friend coming out for a week,
then February racing starts again and more shows to come!!!!!
That's all for now....Take care and I'll see you at the races!

05 October 2009

Family Appreciation Day at March ARB

What a wonderful show! Dunk booth, 3-legged race, food, goodies, pony rides, and a dragster!
Our day started at 5 a.m., we picked up the trailer and headed out. We got to the main gate at March ARB and met an interesting "young" man. He was checking everyone in and of course we had to open up the trailer and he made sure we weren't carrying anything bad. After we made it through the gate, we met up with one of the airmen and he led us to where we were to set up. Major Hendricksen squared us away! We had our own EZ UP with a Drag Race Girl, LLC sign on the front of it.
As soon as we pulled out the car, people started gathering and asking questions. The first question is always "How fast do you go?" then the second is "How big is the motor and what's the horsepower?" The variety of reactions are always fun to see. Then, the greatest reaction is when the person asking finds out that I'm the one who drives the car. Their mouth hits the ground and then they ask "How did you get into this sport?" My response is usually "Legally or Illegally?" Then they start laughing...... : ) that's the response I love! Then I just blame my my dad! Sorry dad, had to do it! ; )

Well, back to the show! We had goody bags for the kids and troops with items donated from K&N, Lucas Oil, Harley Davidson Fullerton, American Legion Post #291. We had a camera and printer set up, courtesy of the ARB, so everyone could have their picture taken. A friend of mine, Barbara, came up with the idea of a photo folder. It was a great idea....everyone who had their pics taken, got the pic put into this folder that has Drag Race Girl on the front of it and our contact info on the back.
We met a lot of great soldiers as well as their wives/husbands and kids! You know, I'm so honored to be able to do this for our troops and their families. What a great feeling!
I do need to send out some special THANK YOU'S!!!
Major Hendricksen, Glenn, Debbie, Barbara, Gloria, Julie, and Paul. Without you guys this show wouldn't have come together like it did!

These two pics...Horsepower or HORSE power? Glenn being the "bag protector"
Well, as always, take care and I'll see you at the races...or the next show!

29 September 2009

New Shows and Racing Schedule for Drag Race Girl

Well, we have some great news to share with everyone! The following are the events, dates, and locations:
1. Family Appreciation Day - October 3rd - March ARB
2. National Event in Vegas - Oct 29-Nov 1 - Las Vegas, NV
3. Divisional Event in Vegas - Nov 5-8 - Las Vegas, NV
4. National Event in Pomona - Nov 12-15 - Pomona, CA
5. Harvest Day for the 1/5 - Nov 21st - Camp Pendleton, CA
6. Welcome Home from Afghanistan - Dec. 5th - Ft. Sill, OK
7. Snowball Express Show - Dec. 11th - Dallas, TX
So, with all this in line....we are going to be busy! If any of you know of any businesses who would like to donate t-shirts, hats, stickers, or anything to help support the troops or even help us get to these shows....PLEASE send them my way! All you have to do is respond to this blog and I will get your messages.
Well, I'm going to go for now! AS always, stay safe and I'll see you at the shows!